Saturday, February 26, 2011

Caralluma Actives Review - My Personal Story.

I want to share with you my personal story and my personal experience with
Caralluma Actives
 Before I go in debt with me story I will let you know what this weight loss supplement did for me:
  • No Cravings for Sweets
  • Less Appetite
  • No Nightly Eating
  • Portion Control
  • No Head Ache
  • No Jittering
  • Helped me Drop More Than 25 pounds in 3 months

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I tried to use Caralluma Actives to lose weight myself with some pretty good results. That is one of the reasons why I decided to post this blog, where you have the opportunity to try out exactly the same product that I used and worked for me.

You may think why do you need to use diet pills? this guy should know better!

Well yes I do, but what happened was I was so lucky to have my daughter a few months ago, and what happened to me while my wife was pregnant came as a huge surprise for me, and it is very difficult to explain why it happened.

Normally when women are pregnant they start to eat a little bit more because they need those couple of hundreds calories for the baby and sometimes they get these cravings for ice cream, chips or what ever.

I simply started to eat more food and much more bad food, like ice cream in the evening together with my wife, in a strange way without think about it, other than it was kind of nice "comfort" eating with my wife and my baby.

But what happened was that I got a little bit to much stomach as a result of my happy eating, and of course I went back to the gym started to increase my work outs because usually it would work, but this time had a difficulties getting rid of that extra belly fat, probably because I am 38 and my hormones are starting to change so it will be more difficult to get rid of body fat.

So I really did not get any results from working out and was wondering what to do next, I am a trainer and I wanted to look presentable for my job. I have always been in a good shape so suddenly have a belly was a huge failure to me.

I started to do some research on what I should and ended up looking at diet pills like with Ephedra, Hoodia, apples and all sort of ingredients but figured out that really was not me.

Then one day I saw a program on TV about Indian workers working 16 hours a day on a beach tearing down old ships with almost no food I was wondering how they could do it and at the same time how ironic it was me sitting there with the opposite problem.

I was thinking if only I could do something about my increased appetite and take away those new cravings of mine so I could bring down my food intake and lose weight.

I went on the internet did some searches on appetite suppressant remedies and found that in India there is a plant named Caralluma Fimbriata many natives are using to suppress their appetite and increase their endurance, and I thought aha that is how those workers on the beach can do it.

With a little bit more investigation I found this product names Caralluma Actives and decided to give it a try for my new weight loss diet.

It took a few days before I began to feel some to begin with small changes, but I noticed that I suddenly had problems eating the same amount of food in my main meals that I use to, and I did not have so many cravings between my meals and before bed time as I use to have, sometimes a little bit but that was more because of a comfort moment.

Within a period of 3 weeks my eating habits were completely changed without the feeling of missing something, its like everything is fine and I do not need huge amounts of food I simply feel full much faster.

I am almost back to my original weight, I still need a few more pounds to go to get to my desired weight. But with those new cravings for food I suddenly had, that I never tried before it was almost impossible for me to lose weight. But thanks to Caralluma Actives I got back on track and they really helped me a lot with my over eating, simply by taking away the appetite.

If you similar problems with controlling your eating I really recommend you to give them a try, it does not cost you anything to try them out.

Caralluma Actives